BongaCams is another free livecam portal. Here you will find many women, men and couples, of course mostly the former. The cams can be viewed free of charge. If you want more comfort and additional functions, you can also become a paying premium member. The platform comes from the USA. The operator responsible for the European area is based in Cyprus.

On Bongacams several hundred girls and boys are regularly live with their webcam at the same time. So there is enough choice. It is interesting here that, in contrast to the other large international free portals, some cam girls from Germany are also represented here. It is a pleasant surprise. There is something for every taste in the numerous categories.

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So much in advance: In contrast to most other trashy free portals, the platform is relatively successful. In addition, you can actually find German cam girls here, which is rather an exception. Bongacams is far from becoming a top platform, but that is at least two points that make the site better than the comparable competition.


Die Anmeldung geht gewohnt schnell. Es wird lediglich ein Benutzername, ein Passwort sowie eine E-Mail Adresse benötigt. Für den Login benötigt man dann nur noch den Benutzernamen und das Passwort, nachdem einmalig ein Account erstellt wurde. Prinzipiell benötigt man nicht einmal einen Account, um die Webcams anschauen zu können. Möchte man aber am Chat teilnehmen, wird eine Registrierung fällig.


Die Darstellerinnen und Darsteller auf Bongacams heißen Modelle. Obwohl es sich um ein englischsprachiges Portal handelt, gibt es eine deutsche Übersetzung. Diese ist ganz gut gelungen. Die Modelle und deren Cams sind in verschiedene Kategorien eingeteilt wie Reif, Rothaarig, Mollig usw., die üblichen Verdächtigen eben. Zudem kann nach Frauen, Paare, Männer, Transsexuelle und Neue Modelle gefiltert werden. Mehr kann nicht eingestellt werden. Das ist zwar nicht besonders viel, aber zumindest funktioniert dies technisch ganz gut, was auch nicht immer selbstverständlich ist.

When listing the models, i.e. the search results, a corresponding flag is displayed at the bottom right of the profiles that have specified a nationality. This shows German actresses. The system seems to recognize when the German voice output is selected and then increasingly displays German profiles or cams. You cannot influence that either.

The ladies’ cams are structured in a way that is known from other platforms. This means that the webcam stream is large on the top left and the chat on the right, in which every member who is logged in can participate. Under the webcam transmission, a group chat, a private chat or tip can be selected. This costs a certain number of tokens, which we will talk about below.

The profile of the model is outsourced to a separate page. This is also not the case with other portals. There you can find out more about each lady, as is customary. Unfortunately, the profile area is a bit unfortunate because there is the possibility for the profile owner to set a background image. Unfortunately, this is used all too often and a motif is chosen that sometimes makes the text illegible. This is reminiscent of the early phase of the Internet, when such poorly designed websites were still the order of the day.


The different variants of the webcam chat are called shows in English. These each have different functions and sometimes cost different tokens per minute. Sometimes these are also free of charge.

Free Chat: This is the normal chat that any member can join. Usually, all members can also participate in the chat, unless this is deactivated by the model, which is free for each model. If so, only paying members can chat.

Voyeur Chat / Spy: The model can switch to so-called voyeur mode at any time. From then on, watching is no longer freely accessible to anyone and is no longer free. In this case, 7 tokens are generated per minute.

Group Chat: In this mode, the model defines a necessary number of users. If this number is reached, the group chat starts. This costs the user 15 tokens per minute. This lends itself to special shows that not everyone should watch.

Private chat: The private chat is exclusive for one user. This means that if the model goes into private chat with a user, only the user can see them. That means he gets an exclusive private show. This mode is correspondingly more expensive. There are 30 tokens per minute. The spy function also allows other users to watch, who then pay 7 tokens per minute.

Full Private Chat: The Full Private Chat is like the Private Chat, with the difference that no Spy Members are allowed here. That means the respective user actually has the model all to himself. There are 45 tokens per minute.

VIP Show: Models can also book a VIP show at BongaCams. These shows are prominently advertised on the platform, so the number of viewers is usually higher than for regular cams. Such a show usually lasts about 30 minutes.


Tokens are the in-house currency with which certain services are paid. Costs apply, for example, if you want a private chat or a group chat with a model or if you want to tip it. Below under “Costs” we go into more detail about the exact prices.


There is a weekly BongaCams competition in which the top models of the week are chosen. In this context, the top 100 models with the most points collected will receive a prize. The week always starts on Monday at 12 a.m. and ends on Sunday at 11:59 p.m. The points are awarded as follows: Every hour the 30 best performers with the most earned tokens of the last hour are determined. Depending on their placement in the top 30, these models receive different numbers of points. At the end of the week, all points are added up and a top 100 ranking list is created.

Registration and login to BongaCams is initially free of charge. All freely accessible cams can also be viewed, which is the majority of the cams. Only the private shows are excluded. In order to see the open shows, you don’t even need to log in. Costs only apply if you want to buy tokens or if you sign up for a premium membership. There are 3 different versions.


Every member who has bought any amount of tokens once receives the status of a lifelong Gold membership. That means anyone who has ever spent money on the site, no matter how much, is automatically a lifelong Gold Member. This brings some advantages, which are not necessary to use the platform, but are nevertheless a certain comfort.


Um den lebenslangen Platin Status zu erhalten, muss man als Gold Mitglied Token im Wert von insgesamt 500 € kaufen. Dies muss man nicht auf einmal tun. Man kann immer wieder Token kaufen, bis der Betrag von 500 € erreicht ist. Als Platin Mitglied hat man noch weitere Vorteile.


The highest status is called Unlimited. To achieve this, a total of € 1,500 must be spent as a platinum member. Then you have other lifelong benefits in the form of special functions and features.


Regardless of the Gold, Platinum and Unlimited membership, there is still VIP status. This is available from € 16.65 per month and includes various VIP features such as daily VIP shows, special avatars, improved customer service or a completely ad-free page.

The free livecam portal does a few things better than the directly comparable competition. This includes, among other things, the slightly better functioning technology and also functioning filter functions, which are not very extensive, however. The design is also slightly better than that of the competition. In addition, you can actually find some German actresses here, which is also a real rarity in predominantly English-language portals. Nevertheless, it is more of a trashy portal, since there are not too many controls in terms of quality and level. The level is probably here. a touch higher than Chaturbate and co, but this difference is minimal.

In addition to the mixed level, the permanent ad impressions are particularly negative. If you are not registered, you will be constantly reminded by a popup that you should create an account. Once you have created an account, the same popups appear, this time asking you to buy tokens or become a VIP member. It is very annoying.

A supposed advantage is that registration is not absolutely necessary to watch the cams. However, this gives rise to the well-known problem of protecting young people in Germany. The warning that appears when the page is first called up that it is a portal with FSK18 content is hardly likely to serve as a sufficient protective measure to keep minors away from the page. That is why we are not allowed to link to this portal in Germany.

BongaCams is another large international trash livecam portal that is only slightly better than the comparable competition. Of course, this platform cannot compete with the reputable, high-quality portals.